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Your appointment is a learning experience, and turning into your body’s innate power and instinctive wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach as well as assessment.

We offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling better within yourself. Get in touch with us today to see how we can create a personal plan for your specific needs.

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Gut Connection Equipment: 

We use the Colon Therapy Aqua Cleanse Toxygen by Dotolo
This machine provides maximum hydration and gentle treatment. The water we use is filtered 4 times, the first filter is on the mains, the second filter is on the heater and two more filters are on the machine itself. This is to make sure the water going into your body is clean as it gets absorbed by the colon. Electricity sensitive clients are most welcome as the machine has no electric current. Temperature and  moisture control is built into the machine. 

Colonic Therapy

  • Colon therapy plus Coconut enema to nourish the colon and help with parasites elimination.
  • Organic coconut oil included: £80
  • Colon therapy plus Liver and gallbladder cleanse, helps with detoxing the liver.
  • Organic detox enema coffee included: £80
  • Colon therapy plus Probiotic infusion providing live bacteria for the gut.
  • Probiotics included: £80
  • Colon therapy plus enema herbs helps with moving the bowels and detox
  • Enema herbs included: £80
  • Colon therapy plus wheat grass to boost and nourish the immune system.
  • Wheat Grass included: £80
  • Colon therapy plus anti parasite tincture. Helps to eliminate microbial parasites.
  • Anti-parasite tincture included: £80

    Get To Know Us Better:

  • Note: Procedure is by appointment after booking and a telephone consultation with us.
    • Our Address:
    • 8 Amber Hill,
    • Camberley, Surrey,
    • GU15 1EB.
      Work Hours:
    • Monday - Friday: 08:00AM - 20:00PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 09:00AM - 17:00PM

Gut Connection Colonics Disclaimer*

  • The contents of this website, blogs, and the newsletter are gleaned from our experiences and observations as natural healers or natural therapist practitioners, they’re meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind.
  • We recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. We are not medically trained from the conventional schools of medicine, but we practice alternative medicine for herbal products & food supplements. Please, we don’t imply that we know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.
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