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A Natural Approach To Cleansing

First appointment  includes a consultation.  The session lasts for 1hr 15 minutes. Follow up appointments £80 including the use of  appropriate herbs or tinctures.

Colonic hydrotherapy (colon therapy) when used with different types of healing herbs and water offers a deep intestinal cleanse. After the cleansing therapy, the colon can heal itself and its vital functions are improved. Our procedure does not involve any use of chemicals or drugs. At Gutconnection Colonics we use water and herbs to rejuvenate the body. You will feel a lot lighter and revitalized after the colon hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation)

We provide a natural way to rejuvenate and heal through cleansing the colon.

This colonic clinic is situated in Surrey, Camberley, it is close to Farnborough, Farnham, Wokingham, Woking, Bracknell, Sunningdale, Sandhurst, Aldershot and the surrounding areas. For a colonic treatment near you book your treatment at GutConnection.

Colonics Procedure

Gunk In Your Gut;

The average person is walking around with anywhere from six to twelve pounds of undigested material fermenting in their intestines and colon.

Dr. E. Group says,
“… as these materials accumulate and begin to rot the body does something amazing to protect you from the poison. It wraps the undigested materials in mucous to keep them from poisoning you …”

The warm distilled water gently eliminates the gunk away and leaves your gut lining ready to receive the new nutrients.

Detoxification Colon Therapy Cleanse

The impacted material accumulated in the colon allows toxins to accumulate. Viruses, bacteria, and undesirable fungi such as candida albicans (a type of yeast that thrives on an unhealthy environment) can breed and proliferate in this toxic environment. It can also allow intestinal parasites to flourish.

Washing away the impacted material (during colonic treatment) with warm distilled water, will help prevent or eradicate these unhelpful organisms from your body. Gut connection Colonics is the colonic clinic near you.

Energy Healing

We use energy healing technique before and during treatment. It is a hands-on technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow. Energy Healing technique helps activate the body’s energy points to help reduce stress and anxiety during colon treatments.

Cleansing Benefits;

  • Most of the foods consumed today contribute to conditions that can cause a toxic colon, digestive problems and a mucus build up. As a result, a lot of people suffer a chronic pain, drain on health and vitality and they have come to accept as normal because it is always present.
  • The build-up of stagnant waste in the digestive tract stops nutrients from being absorbed properly and harbors unfriendly bacteria and parasites. Restoring good health and vitality requires cleansing and detoxification of the entire digestive system. This is done using cleansing herbs and colonic hydrotherapy which cleanses and removes mucus build up in the gut and nourishes the friendly gut bacteria needed for balance and health.
  • The herbs reduce any inflammation present in the intestine and kill the germs causing irregular bowel movements. Thus, colonic hydrotherapy revives your digestive system and enhances its function. You will experience increased energy levels and improved concentration after the treatment. Colonic hydrotherapy at our clinic will leave you relaxed and reinvigorated.
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