Toxic Colon Overview;

  • 80% of your excess weight is just waste product lodged in your colon and gut. That includes toxins, negative bacteria, impacted matter, putrefying matter, excess poo mucus, parasites, dead tissue etc. This waste product slows down your metabolism by blocking your colon walls. When your colon walls are blocked you cannot have the correct absorption of water and it can be impossible to get the correct elimination of bad stuff like sugar, processed food, and alcohol out of your system as quickly as it comes in. So, it creates a lot of toxins, mucus and poop that slows down your metabolism by blocking your colon lining and when your metabolism slows down, this feeds your fat cells.

  • Not only do these waste products feed your fat cells, but they also disrupt your body’s natural rhythms like blood pressure, blood sugar, mobility, energy levels, body health, skin health, sleep, state of mind. Remember fat is not the culprit it is the end-product.

  • When you have a healthy digestive system, your metabolism is generating enough energy to move all your waste out of the colon and out of your gut. When you have an unhealthy digestive system your colon walls are blocked with toxins, mucus impacted poo, parasites, and dead cell tissue. Your metabolism does not generate enough energy to move all these waste products out of your colon and gut, so, some of the waste is kept on within your colon lining as excess waste and keeps accumulating, making a perfect environment for diseases to flourish.

  • So;
      1. Why are you overweight or obese?
      2. Why are you constantly tired?
      3. Why is your blood pressure/ blood sugar and toxicity levels high?
      4. Why is your energy low?
      5. Why is your mood low?
      6. Why is you brain function slow? (brain fog)
      7. Why is your mobility slow?
      8. Why is your skin breaking out?
      9. Why are you not healthy?
      10. Why is your outlook on life low, slow, negative, and gloomy?
      11. When was the last time you had a good bowel movement?
  • 80% of your immune cells (system) reside in your gut. That is the guards that kill off pathogens, viruses, and bacteria out of your system. Here is how you will be able to lose all that unwanted material out of your colon:
    Get a colon cleanse at GutConnection colonics.
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