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Get started with 3 colonics £220 includes a food guide and the use of additives herbs or tinctures.

A hectic lifestyle, lack of exercise, and limited intake of healthy foods can cause a build-up of harmful substances in the body, leading to a decrease in one’s well being. A colonic hydrotherapy is believed by many to be helpful in the most effective way to remove these toxins, enabling the food to be more efficiently digested.

Colon Hydrotherapy may support weight loss

Our clients are often delighted to notice weight loss following a colonic – both in the immediate aftermath (removal of heavy, waste products) as well as in combination with lifestyle changes long term. Noticeable benefits include:

  • Flatter, less bloated and more comfortable stomach
  • Release of gas and waste from the bowel
  • Kick-start a healthier lifestyle, with weight loss maintained.
  • A reduction in food ( sugary, salty )cravings.

At Gutconnection, we are happy to offer advice on diet and lifestyle to support your goals so you gain the maximum benefit from your visit. Patients regularly report to us that colon cleanses help them lose weight much faster.

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